“At first I knew nothing about any culinary institution, so I felt pretty much like I am trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat.
My friend recommended that I join The Hurst Campus as to him it was the BEST culinary institution in South Africa – and today I know why. The Hurst campus is more than an institution where one can learn how to become a chef, it is one big family- in short it is like a loved one who encourages you daily to be successful, and to give you everything you need to move forward. No one gets left behind. It does not matter what background you come from, which language you speak, or how popular you were in school – because at this campus our hearts beat as one. The winelands are magnificent and anybody who loves nature like myself will fall in love. My Journey thus far has had its ups and downs. You will learn to swim – quickly and if you can’t you will get floaters until you can, and you will learn to never give up. To become a Chef is not a career path, but it is a lifestyle, where you live, eat and breath the art of food. To anyone who is looking to be part of our family, I want to encourage you with the words of Chef Murco Pierre White and Chef Michele Roux: ‘Never be intimidated by the score, or anyone who says you cant.’ Chef Murco Pierre White ‘Food is the canvas on which you express ones soul’ Chef Michel Roux”

– Rory Aldendorf (Knysna)

“After loads of research and a recommendation by a Head Chef in Johannesburg I chose The Hurst Campus. I did not choose to go to University, because I feel that they did not have enough to offer me, and at a private institution like The Hurst Campus the lecturers pay more individual attention to you as it is smaller groups of students. When I arrived on my first day I was overwhelmed with feelings of excitement and anxiety at the same time. As it has sunked in that I will be away from home and that my mother would be alone I was scared, but at the same time I was finally going to study what I wanted to and it was going to be a journey of self-discovery and learning how to be independent. My journey thus far has been a very overwhelming one. I had days of excitement and joy, and then days where I have been very home sick. Thankfully I have met very special and caring people on my journey, which I am so grateful for knowing, as I always have someone to talk to and someone who will always care for when I miss my family and home too much – the staff are amazing, and I know I came to the right place. To future students I would say if this is your dream, and you are serious about your future The Hurst Campus is definitely the place for you, because here is where your dreams become a reality and where you reach your goals to the full.”
– Christalle La Grange (Gauteng)

“The Hurst Campus is a well-known establishment not only in South Africa, but it is also recognised worldwide as its reputation proceeds it, hence the motto ‘Our Students Feed the World’ . Besides being one of the best culinary institutes in South Africa, the Hurst Campus is one of 13 elite partners of the Paul Bocuse Institut World Wide Alliance in France. If there is one thing which makes this campus unique it is the location as it is located in the heart of the beautiful Cape Winelands. If I am to share the feeling of being at the Hurst Campus, the perfect word would be ‘AMAZING’. Being here has made me feel like I am part of something extraordinary. As from day 1 I have felt so welcome and everyone is treated like family. My journey thus far has been a great walk in the park, although there have been a few bumps in the road, but by being surrounded by such positive and optimistic mind-sets has given me the strength to bounce back up and do what is necessary to ensure that I reach my full potential in everything that I do. My advice to anyone who has the intention of being in this industry, is that the Hurst Campus would be the perfect platform for you to gain the experience and get to learn more than you would have thought is possible. So if you have that burning desire and are hungry to succeed – join this family as it is a new world you want to be part of. ”
– Tanaka Mujuru (Zimbabwe)

“Having come from a school system that was uniformed and controlled, I felt it would be best for me to remain in a setting where I would be comfortable, and where it would still be familiar, but also different at the same time. I chose The Hurst Campus as it was first and foremost the only institution that promised to meet my individual educational needs while allowing me to interact with other students in a setting that was not socially taxing. I had also spent most of my high school as part of the service team, and The Hurst Campus offered me the opportunity to carry on and turn my passion into a career. As someone who had never been away from my family for any amount of time – moving all the way across the country was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. The first few weeks were difficult, but I came across a number of students who were on a similar journey and who were doing just fine, which encouraged me to keep going. With that said though I still miss my family, but I have found myself growing into an independent girl who can overcome anything, even distance. Embracing on this journey has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. Not only have I learnt so much but I have also made so many long lasting friendships. I have been pushed to my limits, lost myself, found myself, discovered my true self and have also realised that I do not have to do everything on my own. I have had the support of my fellow students, the lecturers and the management team. I am at home here, and I know I am blessed to have been introduced to this campus.”
– Keneilwe Masuluke (Gauteng)

“As a business owner, I need to make sure that the staff we use can represent us on a daily basis, without having to worry that they will give my business a bad reputation. The Hurst Campus students offer us exactly that. They’re a friendly group of students who are willing to learn, are well-spoken and eager to excel. They’ve been well trained and have a good knowledge of the industry. It’s wonderful to have them working at our events and I’ll continue making use of The Hurst Campus’ students in the years to come.”
– Jaco van Loggerenberg Director: Shake and Serve

“I have worked with The Hurst Campus (previously known as The Culinary Academy) for many years and feel they represent the future of studying in hospitality. (What stands out to me is) …their passion for what they do and for the hospitality industry, which they live and breathe. Their campus is a great reflection of this passion, with their own vegetable gardens, state of the art kitchens and splashes of colour. They like to have fun, are in touch with today’s trends and are prepared to guarantee any successful graduate employment on the… completion of their courses. As a graduate of a European Hotel School… I can only recommend The Hurst Campus for those who value a fresh, up-to-date and realistic take on the training and development of future leaders in the hospitality industry.”
– Tony Romer-Lee, PMR Hospitality Partners

“We have been the recipient of student chefs from The Hurst Campus for the past five years… We have enjoyed the benefit of having their competent students in our kitchen (who have become) …part of the brigade. I look forward to many more years of relationship with Rebecca and her students.”
– Michael Broughton, Head Chef Terroir Restaurant, Stellenbosch (Eat Out Top 10 Restaurant 2014)

“The Hurst Campus is one of those organisations that… leave a lasting impression. My niece, now one of their graduates, was a troublesome, rebellious youngster. Within her first few months at The Hurst Campus, I was amazed at her change in attitude. By the end of her course I felt eternally thankful to Rebecca and her team for the role they played in her personal development. Apart from acquiring excellent culinary skills, she became a responsible young adult with confidence, good self-esteem and a set of work values that she would not have found elsewhere – i.e. well prepared for her career. I am truly in awe of how The Hurst Campus team applies tough love, coupled with emotional support and empathy, to build confidence, self-esteem and a life and career value system within their students – who leave as well rounded people when they start their careers. Very few (if any) other tertiary institutions can lay claim to actually achieving this. I am so impressed… that I volunteered my professional services and am now involved as a specialist outside lecturer, working with students through interactive workshops on preparing them for the reality of the workplace environment and a career in the industry… The Hurst Campus grows future leaders in the industry, and with their training and development values they have certainly earned their reputation as leaders in their field.”
– Lidia Vosloo, Executive Psychologist

“Under the expert guidance and ownership of Rebecca Hurst, The Hurst Campus has grown to become a culinary institute of great excellence, and one that we would not hesitate to endorse or associate with. In our experience the high academic standards and quality practical classes presented at The Hurst Campus are clearly evident in the high calibre of their students and therefore we have since the opening of our restaurant Pierneef á La Motte in 2010 always given students from The Hurst Campus priority placement in our restaurant. A further vote of confidence is the fact that Alumni Chris Erasmus is employed as Chef de Cuisine of Pierneef á La Motte.

“Rebecca is an inspiring leader to her staff and students, with a credible background, education and experience in the hospitality trade. Not only is she a visionary, always looking for, as well as creating new opportunities to develop and grow The Hurst Campus, she is also actively involved, through The Hurst Campus, in community upliftment projects and charity work, striving to give back and invest in the future of our country through the youth. I hope to forge an even better relationship with The Hurst Campus in future, to the advantage of everybody involved in the hospitality sector in our greater community and recommend both The Hurst Campus and Rebecca Hurst without hesitation.”

– Hein Koegelenberg, CEO La Motte

“My working relationship with The Hurst Campus… has grown stronger and developed since the nineties, made possible by Rebecca Hurst’s efforts to constantly evolve the institution, adapting to new trends and demands… The Hurst Campus has invested in facilities and staff that not only bring out the Chef in each of their students but develop the young students into responsible citizens.

I have worked with The Hurst Campus and Rebecca on three consecutive occasions catering for an annual charity event on the base of Table Mountain. This outdoors event catered for up to 700 guests.

For the last four years I have been taking on three of The Hurst Campus’ students on six month internships to be placed at our acclaimed restaurants. The Hurst Campus management screen and evaluate the students to ensure they are compatible to their respective placements. This has ensured that the success rate of the students has been well above average. In our establishment the student is expected to, within two months of placement, be able to stand on their own two feet and make a meaningful contribution to both restaurants’ operational needs.

I look forward to our continued relationship with The Hurst Campus and growing from strength to strength as they strive to greater heights.”

– Christiaan Campbell, Executive Chef – Boschendal Wine Estate

“The Hurst Campus students exhibit passion that goes with a love of food and people, and the quality of their training comes through in every aspect. I consider The Hurst Campus to be the best training school in the industry.”

– Jenny Morris, – Food Network Channel TV Presenter and Celebrity Chef

“As a business owner, I need to make sure that the staff we use can represent us on a daily basis, without having to worry that they will give my business a bad reputation. The Hurst Campus students offer us exactly that. They’re a friendly group of students who are willing to learn, are well-spoken and eager to excel. They’ve been well trained and have a good knowledge of the industry. It’s wonderful to have them working at our events and I’ll continue making use of The Hurst Campus’ students in the years to come.”
– Jaco van Loggerenberg Director: Shake and Serve

“I would just like to say a big big thank you for the opportunity you gave me to get into contact with The South African Youth Exchange. The opportunity that I received to go work in Mauritius for the last 6 months was spectacular. I have learned so much and met so many nice people. I have seen some amazing places and the very beautiful views the Island has to offer. I really enjoyed every moment. I would highly recommend this exchange programme to any student. It was really a great way to go and experience a different part of the world, their cuisine and people. This working experience gave me a whole new outlook on how things are done and also showed me that there are so much to learn in the future. I can not wait to go overseas again and go experience something different from all the other countries.

Thank you so much, without the training I received from The Hurst Campus and experience from Haute Cabriere I do not think I would have enjoyed it as much as I did. You guys really did a lot for me and helped me get a very good foundation for my career path. Thank You”

– Stephanie de Wet – Succesful Graduate