With Love From Boston, Massachusetts To Nice, France: Episode 1

The Hurst Campus
 August 03, 2018
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I have been fortunate enough to visit 4 of our talented alumni in the past few weeks.

What touched my heart most, was when they each expressed their overwhelming gratitude for how they had been treated at the campus by my team and how special it was to be mentored as individuals. They valued their qualification but funnily enough, they each teared up when they recalled a time when I had spoken to them individually and shared how those words of advice had never been forgotten.

My first stop took me to the Winslow Tavern in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. www.winslowtavern.com

I caught up with Rebecca and Nicola who are busy completing a 5-month stint in this amazingly busy and successful restaurant. From the 4th of July annually, the restaurant hits the start of their peak season and for the next 8 weeks they do more than 500 covers a night.

Rebecca was off for the day so we left Nicola busy on the pastry section and caught an Uber through to Provincetown to enjoy some of the colourful sights, tastes and flavours.

As she tucked into munching her way through her first lobster, we had time for a quick catch up since her graduation in late November 2017. Originally from Zimbabwe, it is Rebecca’s maiden trip to a first world country and after a few short weeks she is already blown away by what she has seen and experienced in the USA.

* Did you know that nobody locks their front door in Wellfleet? *

I’m super excited about her future………………. the next chapter is still a mystery but what I know for certain, is that Rebecca is moving forward, playing outside of her comfort zone and THAT is a formula for success.


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