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We first opened our doors in 1997, and today we are respected as one of the best hospitality training schools in South Africa, with international accreditation. We are passionate educators and offer a choice of curricula focussing on chef training, culinary arts and hospitality management to suit your individual needs. We care about our students and invest our time and energy in their personal growth. Our teaching philosophy is based on our core values and is shared by a happy and proud workforce.

Our team of highly qualified practical tutors and academics backed by supportive administrators impart a solid academic foundation coupled with many years of practical experience to prepare our students for the realities of a successful career path in the hospitality industry. Supervised internships at top class establishments develop our student’s practical ability, individual levels of confidence and provide great networking opportunities.

As one of only 14 members of the Worldwide Alliance of the famous Institut Paul Bocuse, our students can become part of an elite global network of students and faculty from select hospitality training schools regarded among the best in the world. Successful graduates will be assisted in finding a job and join an industry which is now recognized as the greatest employer of people in South Africa – surpassing both the mining and the motor industry. Speedy promotions and varied career choices are guaranteed. Our graduates have a reputation for their values, attitude, work ethic, practical skills and commitment to excellence. We will identify your unique talent by way of our student application process.

If you are serious about a career in hospitality, we would love you to join our ‘Hurst Family’ and we look forward to welcoming you to our community.

Learn, Grow, Evolve – something different.

The Hurst Campus – for people with passion!

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